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Ellie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marcy, in honour of Maureen Burnett.


Hello world, meet Ellie! Ellie would like to meet you, and  you, and you, and you and all of you. She wants to be your friend and your friend and your friend and your friend…..and…..well, you get the idea. Ellie is your typical happy go lucky, adorable, goofy, wants to be on your lap, all around family dog with ears for days! And they’re so soft, she’s so soft, and cuddly, lots and lots of cuddles.

She is young, just over a year old, so she is full of energy, mischief, and sillies. She is learning very quickly the rules of the house and easily masters those rules, but she still has some work to do. Her future family will need to start off as if she is a brand new puppy with training classes.

She is crated when the humans are out of the house, and at night. She isn’t super excited to have to go into the crate, but once she’s in she just lays down with big sad puppy eyes, but it is for her own good, as she isn’t quite ready to be trusted to be alone just yet. Over time as she settles down a bit, her foster mom feels that she would be okay to be left out, especially at night, but she does need more obedience first.

Ellie arrived at her foster home and just became part of the family. She does some ‘naughty’ puppy things (ie. jumping up, trying to get food off the counter, stealing kids toys) but those are all things that with time, training and maturity she will outgrow. Otherwise, she’s just a big goof ball, with more love to give than she knows what to do with. She likes to be with her people, and sitting on their lap, because really…you can never be too close for cuddles. She loves the kids at her foster home, just another thing to play with and cuddle with! She is highly food motivated, which really helps with training, but also has it challenges, because she will eat anything she thinks is food. So her family has to be quick and be one step ahead.

She is house trained, but if you forget the time and let it go too long you might find a surprise. She hasn’t quite figured out how to ask to go out, she knows what to do when she’s out there. Basics like learning to walk on a leash properly are all works in progress with her, but being young her new family must be prepared and willing to work with her. Cats are unknown, but we tend to think she’d probably think its a fun thing to play with, boundaries are new for her! Ellie wants love and lots of it, when she meets new people she barks at them….a lot….but then realizes that they’re okay and instantly is their best friend and wants cuddles. Greeting people is a work in progress, her bark is loud so it is a bit intimidating, but it’s not aggressive. Once she’s had her say she goes back to being goofy.

Her ideal family would have to be one that is ready for all the crazy fun that comes with a puppy (yes, she’s a year old, but she still has the crazies of a puppy) People who are ready to take command and be her leader, train her to put that energy into good things, and put her intelligence to work. She is extremely smart and willing to learn, so her owners need to challenge her and stay on top of her training. A good yard with room to run and play would be great, another dog her size to be her best friend forever would be even better.  She is already is a fabulous dog, so no doubt she will blossom into something truly special.



Ellie was lovingly fostered by Renee