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Ella has been adopted!

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Introducing the sweetest, little dog named Ella. She has been such a joy to foster. She is a happy little dog that loves everyone she meets. She has not met a stranger yet. Ella acts as though everyone she meets is here to love her. When she arrived in my home, it took her about 5 minutes to settle in. Her favourite place to be is curled up in my lap or snuggling in my arms. We don’t know anything about Ella’s past. She was a stray in Quebec before Save Me took her in.

Typical for tiny dogs, Ella has luxating patella’s in both of her back legs. This doesn’t stop her in any way; however, our vet put her on a joint support supplement to help her. Ella also has a narrow/collapsed trachea. She takes medication daily to help her with this condition. Her cough has improved immensely. Nevertheless, when she gets really excited, she will start to hack a bit. This is a manageable condition that requires medication for the rest of her life and a special home that will give her a calm, quiet, non-smoking home.

Ella is housetrained and will let me know when she needs to go outside. She does need to go outside to pee frequently (every 3 hours approx.), which is a side effect of her medication. Since she needs to go out frequently, she will require a family that is home a lot. Ella is a good sleeper. She sleeps all night in her crate.

Ella loves to go for walks and is wonderful on leash. She is great meeting other dogs and is always friendly. Ella would do well as the only dog in a home or with other calm dogs. This sweet girl LOVES going for car rides. She would be a great travel companion. Ella doesn’t bark a lot. This sweet girl can be timid and very submissive. Therefore, she will require a home with older children only.

Ella had a dental and a total of 20 extractions. She is healing really well from her surgery, and her breath is much better now.