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Ella has been adopted!

Ella has been sponsored by Alissa, in honour of Heather O, the very best kindred spirit a girl could ask for.


Ella is one of the sweetest dogs her foster mom has ever met,  this girl will melt your heart within minutes of meeting her.  Although shy  initially Ella warms up in minutes and will quickly become a little shadow and constant companion.  Ella gives the very best cuddles and is the ultimate relaxing companion on a cold winter evening.  Before settling down on the couch she takes great delight in fluffing pillows and blankets and creating her idea of the most comfy spot to share with you.
Ella is a quiet girl who would do fine in any kind of home, including a condo or apartment.  She enjoys her walks and seems to be housetrained.  Ella is fine left for the work day in her crate as long as she has lots of time with her people outside of work.
Ella enjoys the company of other animals and has been very respectful of the cat in her foster home.  A confident dog companion, would make for a very happy Ella!
Ella takes a minute or two to approach  new people but once she warms up, you will have a friend for life.  Ella likes to gently jump up on her favorite people for attention and especially likes to have her adorable ears rubbed and be told what a good girl she is.  Her happy smile and wagging tail will light up your day.
Ella’s family will have the privilege of watching this special girl blossom more and more every day as she gains confidence in her new life.  Ella appears to have been loved at some point, she has excellent manners and trusts people quickly.  The last year has not been an easy one for this sweet girl, she was diagnosed with heart worm in the fall and has spent the last few months with an amazing foster family in the states receiving heart worm treatment.  Early in the new year Ella completed treatment and is ready to come to Canada and start her new life.
This sweet, gentle and sensitive girl has so much love to share with her new family and is looking forward to following her nose on long walks, spending time with her family and lots of cuddles.


Ella was lovingly fostered by Alissa