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Eliza has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marcy, in honour of the Board at Save Me for their tireless rescue work


Eliza loves to walk at the conservation area, click HERE to see!

Eliza is ready to go home…

Hello, I’m Eliza’s foster mom Colleen and I cannot wait to tell you all about this amazing girl who has overcome so much in a few short months. Grab a seat and let me tell you her story!

Eliza was born into a less than clean home, that her mom and dad’s owners moved out of but left her unaltered parents behind. They did return several times a week to drop off food, but it was only to toss it through a window and leave again. While they provided the necessities of life, they went no further. Her mom, an unaltered husky mix and her dad, an unaltered lab, quickly became parents of two litters of puppies. Eliza was one of five from the first litter born in this home. For the first nine months of her life, she had never been outside, nor had she ever seen humans

Upon arrival, Eliza was beyond terrified. She could not be leashed, had never been outside, had never been petted, never heard a tv or radio. She took safety in hiding behind her foster sister (a large golden retriever) and with patience and a lot of TLC, she has blossomed!

Eliza has a true heart of gold and when she is feeling safe and at ease, she is a playful energetic puppy all the way around. She leaps and barks and jumps and plays in the yard with her foster sister and small foster brothers.  A medium to large higher energy dog would be a perfect match for her. She has so much energy first thing in the morning, she runs around the backyard like crazy, trying to engage in playtime with anyone who’s willing. She is falling into the habit of snuggling with me in the evening as watch tv. In fact, while I make my tea, she sits and waits for me on the on the couch! Hard to believe at one time I couldn’t even pet her.. now she paws me for more.

Eliza loves to be in the backyard exploring, she’s excellent on the leash and enjoys walking at the conservation area. She does still get very nervous, but it’s workable. It’s a matter of being confident and moving her along and she gains more bravery each time.

She takes great comfort from her crate and another dog in the home. When she is afraid, she will head straight to her crate for safety or behind the other dog. She does not seem to warm up to men as fast, but I do think that with a male partner who is willing to put in the effort, she will come around. She just tends to go to women first.

Eliza is good with other dogs, and ignores the foster home cat. She eats well, but will not take food from your hand yet and prefers to eat in her crate with the door closed. She is pretty much house trained, but doesn’t know how to let you know she needs out. When she starts to pace and dance around, it’s time to let her out. She is crated when we are not home.

The type of home I will be looking for, for her, would have the following aspects:

– someone who has patience to work with a fearful dog and can understand that it will take Eliza a while to be at ease.
– home with another medium to large dog that will enjoy an active and very playful new young sister.
– a fenced yard (a must)
– someone who can take Eliza hiking and walking so as to continue working with her outside the home and help use up some of her energy.
– a home that can accommodate a crate space for her

Eliza will be a very rewarding companion to the person who puts the time into her. In a few short months, she has come to trust me and it’s been an amazing experience to watch her grow and learn. She will be very loyal to her people and loving. She will be a great active dog that will enjoy playing a big part in her people’s life.

Eliza was lovingly fostered by Colleen