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Eliza has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Howard Brodsky’s Birthday from the many dogs who love him.


Eliza (Elly) came to us from what we can only assume was a place neglect. It has taken her time to settle into living in a home as part of the family. Most days she sleeps in a cozy nook and doesn’t make a peep. She is unsure of quick movements, noises and open spaces…so pretty much everything.

When she first came to foster care she would only stay in one corner and did not move. She recently had dental surgery where they cleaned her up, removed 8 teeth and trimmed her nails to a manageable length. Since then she has gained some confidence. She now has 5 or 6 different spots in the house where she will lay. One in the bathroom when there is too much commotion, the rest are various doggie beds or the couch.

Even though Elly is quiet and keeps to herself, she does love getting pets and scratches on her head and around her ears. She will even burrow her head into your arm for comfort and kisses. If given the chance she will lay her head on your lap while snuggled on the couch. She will need someone willing to come to her for love and coax her out of the corner when she needs.

Elly wants to be a part of the world, she just needs the time and patience of someone(s) special to help her find her way.

Elly does not currently go for walks. The outdoors can be very overwhelming for her. She is house trained and does do her business outside, she just does it right outside the door. She doesn’t seem too fond of the cold weather here in Canada and I think once the warmer weather arrives she will begin exploring a little.

Elly lives with 2 cats and a 3 yr old dog. She does not pay any attention to the cats She does however become nervous and unsure when the other dog becomes playful and excited. Her instinct is to cower and hide when her foster sibling is too excited or loud. Elly would do best with another older, calm and quiet dog to chill out with sleeping the day away or no other dog at all.

Elly still has some special needs, she is still too timid to get up and go to her food so she gets each meal brought to her where she is laying. This includes her water dish, she has one at each bed in her foster home so it is always available to her. She will need a home that will understand her needs and be willing to accommodate them while also working to help her move past them where possible.

Elly will need a very calm and quiet home with a fenced, escape proof yard she can explore in safely. She would not do well in a home with children or a house where there are a lot of visitors and commotion. She would like a quiet peaceful home where she can continue to learn to trust and be loved.


Eliza was lovingly fostered by Andrea