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Echo has been adopted!

Sponsored by Paula J., in memory of her very much loved rescue dog Sam.


More than just a handsome face! Echo is just the right size, not too big, not too small. He’s just the right age, not too young, not too old.

Sweet Retriever/Lab mix, Echo is a gentle, inquisitive 5 year old, a beautiful black coat with feathers and white crest on chest. He seems to be house trained, great appetite, loves belly rubs, knows a few basic commands. He’d love a fully fenced yard to run in. He has very good house manners, knows where his blanket is, crate comfortable. Easy going around people, children and cats. Excited to meet other dogs. He’s happy riding in the car and is easy going along the way.
Echo pulls on leash as there are so many amazing smells and sights outside.