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Dundee has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jennifer G. and her Save Me dog Laddie


Welcome Mr. Dundee!
This handsome little guy (he’s much smaller than he looks) is SUPER fun and playful. He loves to play so much that when you don’t want to play anymore he will whine at you to tell you “hey, why did we stop playing?”
Dundee is very smart and  would definitely benefit from obedience training, his brain is like a sponge and you can probably even teach him to fetch you a drink.. kidding! BUT he does know how to sit and  his foster family didn’t even have to teach him that. As soon as the bag of treats comes out, he is patiently sitting pretty. He does amazing with his foster brothers and sisters of all sizes and  temperaments  and even when his grumpy chihuahua foster siblings give him a piece of their mind (because like most chihuahuas they think they are huge and the boss) he thinks its all fun and games. He would definitely benefit from a playful fur sibling in the home, He does very well in  his crate  and is also house trained. This little dude doesn’t have a fear in the  world and just wants to play and be silly with everyone! Because he is so playful he would do better in a home with older kids and no cats.

Dundee was lovingly fostered by Paulina