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Save Me Rescue remembers Duke.


Sadly, Save Me Dog Rescue had to say good bye to a lovely senior boy who we looked forward to welcoming into our rescue.

Even though we had not yet met him he had already found a place in our hearts. Duke had been a well loved boy throughout his life and when his elderly guardian had to enter a facility there was no family member willing to take him in and he found himself scared in one of the shelters we work with.

It quickly became apparent that there was something wrong with Duke and we were asked if we could help him as he needed surgery. One of our wonderful foster moms quickly stepped up for Duke and he was taken to the vet immediately in our goal to make him healthy.

Duke had extensive surgery last week and despite the best efforts of all involved he declined and we were faced with the most difficult of decisions today but heeded the vet’s advice and let this sweet boy go to the bridge. Duke left this world loved and cared for.

We are indebted to Sue Pfeiffer Douglas for all she did for Duke and for going to be with him as he crossed the bridge. Thank you to Deb for being the foster mom she is and for making it possible for Duke to have had the chance he did.

Rest in Peace Duke – you mattered to many.