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Dovie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Lauren in honour of Kelly, Save Me alumni


Dovie is a sweetie pie who will calmly accept any snuggles that come her way. She just melts in your arms. She’ll also gladly let you scratch her ears for as long as you want. She is a quiet, calm and happy girl who is pleased to meet anyone who comes across her path – human and dog! She has not barked once since she arrived.

She’s a beagle, so the nose gets the best of her, and she will need to to stay on a leash unless in a secure off leash area or backyard. She begs a little for food and doesn’t know basic commands, but with a little training this will get better. She’s had a couple of bathroom accidents in the house, but I this should be sorted within the next few days.

She’s a little unsure of some things, but considering she hasn’t spent a lot of time indoors, it’s no wonder things like stairs are a little scary – all things she will most likely get over. Every day she gets more comfortable.

She doesn’t bolt out the door or try to get away while she’s outside – she sticks by her family and is so happy to go for a walk with her loved ones. She’s alright on the leash and will need a little work to help get this down.

Overall, she seems healthy, but it looks like she might need her teeth cleaned from years of living in a neglectful household. We are going to the vet later this week to get her teeth looked at, and that will be dealt with once we get advice from the vet.

She is low energy and stays in her crate quietly at night and in the say, but I think she would to stay in her cozy bed with lots of blankets.

This little lady is going to make one family very happy.


Dovie was lovingly fostered by Ginger.