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Dottie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ginger in honour of the loss of Sarah’s dog Oliver-Sebastian. RIP mighty beauty.


Dottie just joined us on Saturday but she is has been an amazing foster dog already. She has been used as a breeding dog all her life. Now is her time to learn to be somebody’s beloved pet. She is happy and friendly. She gets along with the other dogs and the cat. She is a bit shy of people at first but warms up pretty quickly.

She is housetrained but she does not know any of her basic commands. Our first goal is to teach her to sit on command. She is a bit “in your face” and because of her size, it can be a bit overwhelming. She means no harm but she is an extra large dog who loves to get very close to your face to sniff and kiss and rub into your neck.

We also need to work on her keeping her head off the counters. She is so tall she just walks along and sniffs everything. She has not stolen food off the counter but I am pretty sure she would if I was not watching. Teaching her manners will be very important before she goes to her new home.

I have taken her for walks. She is fearful when out in the world so she says VERY close. I tripped over her a few times. I like that she does not pull on the leash. I will work on getting her to stay on one side and not step in front of me when she gets too nervous.

Even though she is 6yrs old, Dottie is quite excitable. She loves a good stuffed animal to toss around. Her bum wiggles non-stop. She gets really excited when we come into the room.

She will not be a dog for families with small children or small dogs. She is just too large. Her tail is so powerful and she does not realize her size.  She even tried running in the house when she wanted to play. As funny as it was to watch, it could have caused a lot of damage if our home was not dog proof.

For more info on the wonderful Dottie, please email her foster mom Ang at
Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!