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Dora has been adopted!

Sponsored by Chewbacca and Elvira, and their mom Heather


Meet Dora,

She has been with her foster family for two weeks and they still do not understand why she was given up. She is sweet, lovable, and a bundle of happiness when she is not nervous. She has been timid and does not always interact with her foster family but when she does it is just the absolute best. She loves to play with squeaky toys and go for walks.

She loves to cuddle up in bed during naps but mostly at bed time.

She is house trained and does not seem to bark much but this is why she was given up so apartment life might not be the best for her. She plays well with kids and is starting to play with toys and play with our pups.

She enjoys being with her humans so someone who is not away for along period of time would be best!



Dora was lovingly fostered by Yola.