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Dolly has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Theo



Just like Dolly Parton, this Dolly (also from Tennessee) is full of personality. She is sweet, lovingly and always ready to have some fun!

Due to neglect in the first part of her life, this 8-month-old puppy is underweight and happily gaining and will probably be a medium-size dog around 35-45 lbs. Like all dogs, having a good diet will be very important for her to continue gaining weight. She is starting to understand that mealtime is a calm time although regular meals do make her really excited – can you blame her!

It was reported that Dolly is a full bred German Shorthair Pointer. As a high-energy breed, Dolly needs an active family that understands her need for exercise and mental stimulation. She loves going for long walks, having access to run, running beside a bicycle (she’s getting really good at this!), playing with a large and varied selection of toys, and wrestling (while being monitored) with other dogs. She will benefit immensely from obedience training and would make an excellent candidate for agility or scent classes to keep her mind and body engaged. She would probably take to running alongside a jogger.

She loves to have a snuggle and get a good ear scratch. She prefers to be around her foster family.

As a playful puppy with little previous socialization, she is working on her manners in the home and walking. She is having little to no potty accidents as long as she sticks to a schedule., Dolly is crate trained and loves car rides.

Dolly is good with children and loves meeting new people. She loves other dogs and would be good in a home with another active dog. We don’t recommend that she live with a low-energy or senior dog. She needs to take introductions with other dogs (especially big ones) slowly, but with a little encouragement from her foster parents, this typically only takes a few minutes and then she is very happy to meet a new friend. She is curious and kind to cats.

She can sometimes show a bit of possessiveness with other dogs around toys and being on the bed, so some rules and boundaries would be great for Dolly to understand living with another dog.

When her foster parents leave the house, she does cry a little but settles quite quickly in her crate. Same goes for when she sleeps in her crate at night. She barks very rarely.

She has short hair so doesn’t shed that much.

Having a fenced in back yard for Dolly is a plus, but not mandatory if she access to an off-leash area when she is ready.

Dolly was lovingly fostered by Ginger