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Dodger has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona and Alex in honour of their cousin Scarlett’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Scarlett!


Well hello there! My name is Dodger. I recently arrived from way up north. I am getting used to being inside and getting a whole lot of attention. I have seen the vet and got some needles. I was given medicine to get rid of those pesky worms in my belly. There was so much going on but now I am settling in with my foster family. They are teaching me how to sit and to lay down. I am very smart and picked up on this immediately. Probably because doing those two things brings me food which I am big fan of. My family is trying to get me to slow down when I eat and teaching me that I don’t have to bite their hands when they reach for my bowl. The food is always going to be there for me now. I am learning but I still would prefer if they would just keep their hands away from my bowl when I am trying to enjoy my meals.

I have met the other dogs and the cat in the house. I love to play with them but none of them seem very fond of me. I just want to play with them and jump on their backs and chew on their ears and hit them with my paws. I don’t understand why they don’t like this game as much as I do.

I have been peeing on my pee pad very regularly and I have gone outside to do my business as well. There is a lot of snow out there though so I prefer to run and play in the snow then come in and do my business on the pee pads. Mom just sighs when I do this but I know she will keep working with me to get this right and then I get to see that big smile of hers. I love when she smiles. When I yawn in her face and then snuggle into her neck I can feel how happy she is and how much she loves me. It’s a good feeling. I always want to be loved like this.

Dodger is a northern dog so we do not know what breed he is or how large he will get. He is probably a husky/shepherd mix and end up between 50-70lbs. He has the cutest markings. He is just a pup and has a ton of energy. He will require a home that will be able to cope with his energy as he grows up as well as the grooming needs that will go along with his beautiful coat. He is a very vocal dog right now and lets you know that he does not like to be left alone in his crate unless he is tired. Then he happily goes in the crate and goes to sleep.

I know that Dodger is an extremely cute little guy at this point but he won’t be a puppy forever. Please do your research and make sure that you have the time, energy, skill, and commitment for this dog before you apply. We are working very hard to train him. He knows sit, down and shake a paw now. We are housetraining him. He is clean in his crate at night.

Dodger gets along with dogs, cats and kids. However, he is in the teething stage so he bites when he plays and he barks very loudly. Children, dogs and cats may find this behaviour unwell. I believe Dodger should be part of an active family with children over the age of 10yrs. He should not be a home with a cat. He would be do well in a home with another dog that has a lot of energy and likes to play.

Dodger will definitely require obedience training right away. I would also suggest, if you don’t have another dog in the house, that you socialize him regularly. He has a shy side and loves to be with his humans. The adopters would have to make sure that he continues to work on his skills with people and other animals.


Dodger was lovingly fostered by Angie