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Dobby has been adopted!


Sponsored by Susan Z., in honour of their beloved companion Tessa; it’s a privilege to have you as a family member.


Dobby is the sweetest little long haired dachshund one could wish to adopt. He is ten years old and is very perky for his age. He weighs just over 14 pounds, and what he lacks in size , he makes up for in personality. He has just arrived in Ontario from Kentucky. He was surrendered by his owners as they were getting divorced and nobody wanted him. He landed up in a shelter and was so confused and scared. However, he is a very resilient creature as it took him only a couple of hours to settle into his foster home and enjoy being petted and having his tummy rubbed.
Dobby walks well on leash, but tends to take his time meandering along. He is so happy when he meets one of the neighbourhood dogs and is very friendly and outgoing. All he wants to do is to play with them. He knows all about the doorbell ringing and races to see who he can cover with licks when the person comes inside.

He is either not familiar with long flights of stairs or he finds them too much for his short 10 year old legs. Being so light his foster mom does not push him to climb, but prefers to carry him, as she does not want him to strain himself.

He loves being with people and follows his foster family around. At this stage he is still quite finicky about his food, but with encouragement and when he is hungry enough, he does eat. He will literally stand on his head for a bit of peanut butter. He is totally house trained but when he gets over excited he can make a mini pee. He has no problems riding in cars, he has long passed the destructive stage and his foster mom has put the crate out of sight as she feels comfortable letting him wander wherever he wishes.

Dobby would do very well in a home where there is someone around most of the time. He would enjoy having another furry kid in the family to romp around with in a garden. He likes all humans and as long as younger children know their boundaries, he will be fine living with them. He will not be happy if left alone for long periods and definitely not in a crate