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Save Me remembers Dixon 

Dixon is sponsored in honour of our wonderful friend Libby who is a true angel to so many dogs. With gratitude and admiration- Roz


Dixon is a little guy who has been neglected in the past.  He has had dry eyes for many years which has caused him to be “legally blind”.
He also does not hear very well, if at all. Dixon is underweight and needs to put on some weight so that he can have dental work done.
Dixon could hardly walk when he came to his foster home as he had no muscle tone and was very weak.  He is doing much better now ,, walking around his foster home , smelling out  his bed, food dish and water dish.
He sleeps in His humans bed at night so he can be close and be nice and warm .
He is in a pen during the day so that he does not hurt himself.  Dixon likes to have a sweater on to keep warm when he is not on his humans lap.   He lives with his foster brothers and sisters and does well.  Dixon will be in rehab for awhile yet to continue to get his strength up and to ensure he is well when he is adopted.