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Dixie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness.



Dixie is such a sweet girl who has had a lot to deal with over the past few weeks. She suddenly lost her owner, ended up in a shelter, and shortly after arriving into rescue it was discovered that she had some medical issues.

Upon coming into care, it was discovered that Dixie had a growth in her abdomen. Dixie’s pre-op diagnostics (X-rays, bloodwork) showed that she was a healthy girl to undergo surgery and the operation was done 24 hours after the issue was discovered. It was found that Dixie had a softball sized mass adhered to the surface of her liver. The growth was leaking fluid and this was contributing to her not feeling well. The mass was successfully removed and we were thrilled that the histopatholgy report showed that this was a benign cyst. She has recovered very well and our veterinarian does not anticipate any further concerns.

Dixie was clearly missing her people and feeling under the weather when she arrived. Initially she was a very serious girl who often got spooked and would sit and tremble. The odd time we see a carefree girl who will grab a toy and run around (briefly). Change can be so hard on some dogs. Now that she has settled in, she loves to curl up with her foster parents to watch tv at night, she LOVES to give kisses, loves to meet new people. She enjoys the car, and loves to explore the world. She will let the other dogs curl up with her and she ignores the foster home cat. She was great with older children who had visited her foster home during the holidays as well.

Dixie doesn’t enjoy being picked up (this may change as her tummy is feeling so much better now) and likes a calm home, so a home with older kids is preferred. She would do great with other dogs, or a cat.

We are accepting applications and she will be able to go home once she has her staples removed and is given the go ahead (which we expect this Friday).