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Dixie has been adopted!

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Dixie arrived into Ontario February 19 and is loving her warm foster home and foster siblings. This little girl is a bundle of energy who loves playing with toys, eating treats and doing zoomies. Her foster family has fallen in love with her wonderful fun personality, her willingness to please and her cozy cuddles. She is such a happy dog, hopping and jumping when she is excited.

Dixie’s age is approximately two years old but she acts like a young puppy. She loves stealing shoes and toys and anything that is left laying around. It has been a real lesson in tidying for us. She is not destructive at all and is very content to lay and chew a bone, or watch the other animals going about their day. She is happy to entertain herself with a stuffy, tossing it in the air and pouncing on it.
Dixie has the most loving and warm brown eyes that within moments of meeting her everyone falls in love. She loves to snuggle close in bed and will sleep soundly until her inner alarm clock goes off at 6:30am.

We have been working hard on potty training, with frequent trips outside, Dixie is learning that her business is done outside. Dixie loves her walks twice daily and is building more and more confidence each time she ventures out. Initially Dixie was extremely nervous and unsure what was expected of her. She now looks forward to walking and all outdoor time. She has never been crated since arriving a week ago.

She is a fairly quiet gal, barking minimally when appropriate and does squeal with excitement when her foster family returns from being away for a short while.

Dixie gets along well with her two foster dog siblings and loves to tease our two cats.

Dixie’s perfect home would have someone there most of the time, a willing dog or two to play with and a fenced in yard.

Do you time for this energetic brindle?

Dixie was lovingly fostered by Brenda