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Dixie has been adopted!

Meet Dixie! Dixie has had quite a go of it in her short life: she was adopted out almost a year ago, but came back to Save Me after it was found to not be the right fit. Although we aren’t sure why . . . she’s one of the sweetest dogs her foster mom has ever met.

She’s quiet (I haven’t heard a bark yet – even when the neighbours dogs were barking), gentle and really loves cuddles. She will sit and stay (briefly – although we’re working on it). She is house trained and is following the lead of her foster sister very well. She has learned quickly where the door is to go outside.

She will need a family that is pretty active as she does have quite a bit of energy. She did well on her leash on the small amount of walks we’ve done so far – although a harness (like an EasyWalk) would be recommended to help with leash training. She would love to find a family that has another dog – of any size – as she loves to play and would benefit from the direction of a dog that already knows how the house works.

She’s a big cuddle bug and will be happiest spending her days with you and your family. She’s not food aggressive and will gently take treats or food from your hand. She will benefit from a home where she is kept busy as she appears to love having a job to do, and would do well with some obedience training with her new family. She also really enjoys napping on the couch as she has already spent a lot of her time beside her foster mom on the couch, cuddled up in the sun. A big backyard would also be a bonus for her so she can run and explore and roll in the grass, or jump in the snow!