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Dixie has been adopted.


Dixie is a very loving and loyal little dog who will surely be someone’s best friend. She loves to be near her person at all times doing whatever you are doing and is what some people may call a velcro dog. Dixie has a very unique coat that is so soft and shiny, her fur looks black but the roots are actually a light tan colour and in certain lights that colour comes through. Dixie loves all dogs and people that she has met.

Dixie does great in her crate overnight and will be spending time there during the work day as well, although Dixie does not enjoy her crate she tolerates it well and is very quiet. Dixie knows her name and always comes when called, even when she is in the middle of something and would rather not come. She also knows how to sit and will sit nicely and wait while her foster mom prepares breakfast or dinner. Dixie is very excited to be in a house instead of a shelter and has had to be reminded of some house manners.

That being said Dixie is so so eager to please that it only takes one or two gentle reminders for her to learn. One of Dixies favorite things is being told that she is a good girl, when she hears this her tail wags faster than I have ever seen a dogs tail wag before. Dixie has two different types of tail wags, a constant slow steady tail wag that seems to come very naturally to her and a tail wag reserved for very special and exciting moments where her tail wags fast in perfect circles.

Dixie loves to be loved on and will spend endless hours cuddling with you and showing you love and affection. Dixie likes to go for walks and would benefit from some leash training and basic obedience training as she loves to learn. Dixie has enjoyed spending time with all people she has met including men, women and children as well as other dogs.

For more information on Dixie, please contact her foster mom Alissa, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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