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Diva has been adopted!

Sponsored by Aunt Carrie, Uncle Dave, Cooper and Scarlett in honour of Ilona and Alex. Happy Birthday ladies!


Diva is a special little senior girl. She came into her foster home a mess. She needed to be groomed, she desperately needed dental surgery and it was soon discovered that she was also deaf. Diva is NOT a cuddly dog. It seemed like she was not familiar with being touched or picked up by humans. She is slowly learning that being pet and picked up are not bad things. Diva is a sweet girl, but very nervous, so she will need a home with a lot of patience. Her house training is a work in progress. She will use a pee pad, so would do fine in an apartment. She is still a little nervous about going into her foster homes fenced backyard by herself.

Diva sleeps in her bed on the floor beside her humans bed. Diva would do best with no children, as she is not familiar with them and may show some “attitude” towards them. She lives with other small dogs and she does ok. She is reactive if the dogs come to close to her while she is eating. She is a little protective of her food. This is something that is also getting better with time. She loves going for walks and car rides. On her first walk with her foster parents, she froze and would not move when she saw other people and dogs. She is doing better on her walks now as well. Diva has no interest in toys or balls. She is a pretty quiet girl, but will bark and go a little crazy when her humans come home.

If it was said that Diva loves to eat, that would be an understatement. As soon as she wakes up, her first thought is food and gets pretty excited when you walk towards the kitchen. She eats small meals throughout the day and also a before bed snack. Due to her lack of teeth, she eats mostly moist food, but kibble is now being added to her meals.

When Diva had her dental work done, the vet noticed some elevated numbers in her liver enzymes on her pre-surgical blood work panel. Diva has been on medication for this and she will be having some follow-up bloodwork which should give us a good indication of whether she needs further diagnostics or if she is ready to go up for adoption.

Diva was lovingly fostered by Julie