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Devin has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona in thanks to Mr. Nelson for a great year.



Devin is an 8 year old terrier mix. His foster parents think he looks like a German Shepard, Dachshund cross ! He is a sweet boy who’s tail never stops wagging. Devin lives with 4 other dogs bigger and smaller than him and he does well. Devin LOVES to eat and does need to lose a pound or two. Devin loves going for walks and car rides, but he is just as happy wondering around his fenced in backyard. Devin will bark if someone comes to the door, but he runs to greet you with his tail wagging. Devin will sleep where ever he is comfortable, in his bed on the floor or on his foster dad’s armchair. His foster parents cannot stress enough how SWEET he is. He loves everyone,, loves to be pet and snuggled. So far Devin has not showed any interest in dog toys, even though his foster parents have baskets of them around the house.
Do you think you could provide Devin with a loving home, where he will get all the attention and walks he deserves ?

Devin was lovingly fostered by Carey