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Deedee has been adopted.  


Deedee is a very sweet and laid back kind of girl who is great with other dogs! Her beautiful brown eyes will make you fall in love with her. She is smart and true to the beagle trait, she can have selective deafness if something has caught her interest. DeeDee loves her walks and cannot get to where she is going fast enough, in other words she does pull a bit on the leash.  She does not react to other dogs walking, but if she sees something she would like to chase she lets you know. DeeDee can be as active as you want her to be but also knows when it is time to rest.

DeeDee is gentle and you can go face to face with her without concerns.  She does not mind having her feet cleaned after a wet run.  She also sits quietly for grooming. She rides well in the car and would be in the front seat if you let her. DeeDee is house trained and is not crated at night.  Her favourite spot to sleep at night is on your bed if allowed.  She will cuddle with you on the couch if you invite her up.
DeeDee does voice her displeasure if left alone, but this is mostly a whine with a bit of barking. She has been left alone for short periods of time with the resident dog and all seems to go well. She will show you all the commands she knows if you reward her with a treat. She LOVES her treats.

Deedee is not suitable for a home with children under 10 years of age. For more information on Deedee, please contact her foster mom Dione, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!


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