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Dean has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ilona and Alex in thanks to Save Me for their pups, Blue and Kenya. 



Meet Dean! Dean is absolutely adorable and everyone loves him. He is a Tennessee import and a very quiet small dog. I know that is usually an oxymoron but it is true. He did find his voice when he saw some dogs walking by but otherwise he is quiet.

Dean is about 16 pounds and very spunky. Dean does not bear weight on one of his rear legs and x-rays revealed that he had a fracture at some point in the past. There was a repair done which did not hold. After consulting with the orthopaedic surgeon we work with it was confirmed that the fracture could not be repaired after such a long time period and we were advised to leave well enough alone. Dean does not seem to be in any discomfort and does not let this hold him back. Considering that he easily jumps on the couch to lie on his blanket and goes for a walk around the block, I think he is doing amazing.

Dean is great with people. He is good with most dogs and also with cats. Dean just loves to be in the thick of things but is equally content chilling.

He will be great for most households. He doesn’t need a ton of walking but does need a ton of loving!!

Dean was lovingly fostered by Debra