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Dax has been adopted!

“Happy Birthday Howard – with love from your doggy kids who adore you”



We believe Dax is about 5 years old. Which is great, as he is beyond the sometimes exhausting young dog stage, but is at an age where he still has lots of spirit. He is a very happy boy and needs a home that will keep him active. His breed is a bit hard to determine, but the best guess is a spaniel cross.

He is up to date on his shots, neutered, house-trained, microchipped and has had a recent dental, giving him pearly white teeth.

At about 15 pounds, he could use a couple extra pounds, but his small size does not slow him down when playing with big dogs. As you will see in his video (link below) he is always up for a play, even if the playmate is 4 times his size. He would love a home where he has a dog friend close to his size to play with.

He likes to play with his humans as well. A bit of tug or catch is a lot of fun for him.

He loves walks and he good on a leash. He is good with other dogs and people he happens to run across while out for a walk. He is good in the car. He enjoys spending time chewing a bone.

He has an independent way to him and is not a needy small dog. He is happy to curl up on the couch or his dog bed by himself. He will not say no to lap to snuggle on but really only when he wants it. He does keep an eye on his people and wants to be close.

He loves to climb in bed at night with his humans, sometimes burrowing under the covers. He needs a home where he is welcome in someone’s bed.

He can often be found perched up on the back cushion of the couch. We think it gives him a better view of the surrounding action.

He is not crate trained and would not like being in one.

He is a squirrel chaser and does bark at people who walk by the house, but stops if you tell him to.

He has not been tested with cats, but we think he would be ok.

Dax is uncomfortable with young children, especially ones he does not know. The fast movement children make appear to scare him and he will bark at them. We think he would be best if any children are over 14.

Ideally, he would be in a home with a fenced back yard so he can get out and run free.

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