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Daphne has been adopted!


Sponsored by Cheryl B., in loving memory of Bella


If this little girls dumbo ears don’t bring a smile to your face; her loving and happy personality will! It doesn’t matter where this girls is, she is always happy and looking for LOVE! When her tail wags (which is most of the time) her whole little body wiggles with happiness in tune with her tail.

Daphne is house trained, is excellent on a leash and gets along with other dogs and cats. Her main goal in life is to find someone that is willing to cuddle and pay attention to her. When you stop petting her, she will gently nudge your hand to get you to continue. And what do you get in return? Some really nice sloppy kisses!
Daphne does not require another dog in her home as her main focus is her people. She is currently not interested in toys or playing fetch; but she is not a couch potato that sleeps all day either. She enjoys walks throughout the neighbourhood and doesn’t require a fenced in backyard.

During the day when her foster family is out, Daphne goes into her crate with a nice little treat and she is very content. She is quiet and doesn’t make a fuss. The only time you will hear her bark is when she hears a new voice or when the doorbell rings.
Although Daphne was very much loved and cared for by her previous owners they decided to surrender her as she did not do well with the young children in her home. She is nervous and unsure of children’s quick movements and will require a home without children under 16.

Daphne has been diagnosed with ‘dry eye’ which means she has inadequate tear production in one eye. She will require two eye medications purchased from the vet (each given 2 times a day) for the rest of her life. At times, her eye will have some discharge in it which will require a warm compress to clear her eye. She is excellent when this needs to be done and when it is time for her drops.