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Danica has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Dan Glazer. He was always there to lend a helping hand to the underdog



Hello Everybody! I am Danica and I am a happy, happy, happy girl. You will always see my tail wagging and ready to make new friends. I am a 60lb. lab mix, perhaps there is some hound in me? I have not have a very good life until this point. I have had a fractured leg which has been fixed now. I have been sprayed with bullets, some of which are still under my skin but they don’t bother me at all. I had a very painful eye which had to be removed. I am still learning to get around without that eye. I have a bit of trouble seeing in the dark and sometimes I bang into things when I am turning towards that side. I’ll get the hang of it though. I am a very smart girl. I was heartworm positive when I pulled from the kennel but have been treated for that and now I think I am a healthy girl. I am going for a check up soon just to make sure.

Since I arrived at my foster family’s home, things have been really good for me. I have proven what a great girl I am and they have given me lots of rewards for being so good. I get to sleep on their beds now because I am very good at sleeping. Once I lay down, I don’t move all night. I don’t have to be put away in the crate anymore when they leave me alone at home because I usually just lay down in hallway or find a comfy spot to wait for them to return. Oh how I love when they return. I get so excited. I just love being around people. I like to show them that I love them by keeping really close and even sitting right on top of them when they sit down. I am housetrained but I like my people to go outside with me when I do my business. It is more fun to go for a walk or be in the yard when I am with someone. I am more relaxed which makes it easier to finish the job faster. If you leave me outside by myself, I would rather sit by the door and wait for you to come join me and then I forget what I suppose to be doing outside to begin with.

My foster home has taught me how to sit and wait for treats. We are working on other commands like “stay, off and shake” so that I can have even more of those yummy liver treats I get when I listen. I have learned to walk on a leash and I like it a lot. In the daytime they take me for a good walk and I try to keep up. Sometimes I even get a bit of a run but I tire quickly then. In the evening I like to go for a nice stroll before we settle in for the night. I get nervous sometimes when I see other dogs on my walk. It is hard to determine what those moving things are with only one eye. My foster mom makes me sit and she pets my head until they go past me. Then we continue on our happy way.

Other than my walks and following my foster mom around the house, I really like to lie down and rest. My foster mom loves how I can always find a comfy spot and lie down for a quick nap when she stands still for a few minutes. I have napped through dishes. I have napped through laundry folding. I have napped through bed making. I like to nap when she works, as long as she stays in one room for a few minutes. As soon as she leaves, my eye is open and I am right by her side again.

In my foster home, I have two very small dog siblings and two cats which I get along with well. Sometimes I don’t see them under me and I step on them but they are getting used to moving out of the way. I don’t like to share my food and water bowls so I eat and drink in another room. I am good with them around me waiting for treats though. I know I will get my turn.

Basically, foster mom wants you to know that I am a perfect girl. I will do whatever you want to do. I am good in the car. I will go with you wherever you would like to take me. I want to to be with you all the time. I can stay home alone but I would really prefer not to stay alone very much. I am getting older and I want to spend time with the people who love me as much as I can. I want a family who will show my love and kindness and make me forget about all the bad things that I have been through. In return I will remind you to be happy even though times can be rough. I will show you what unconditional love it. I will remind you to take a break once in awhile and sit with me to enjoy the moment. We will be very good for each other.

Danica was lovingly fostered by Angie