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Dan has been adopted!


Sponsored by Jeannette & Matt, in honour of their sweet girl Luna.


Dan arrived on the scene all ready to set down roots and become one with his family.

Though Dan is 10 yrs old, considered a senior, don’t pull out the rocking chair just yet! This guy loves to run around the yard and quite enjoys the snow. He likes to go for car rides and enjoys spending time with his humans. At night, he waits paitently for play time with his people.

Dan loves to greet his foster mom with a “happy dance” at the front door, which we’ve been told can erase daily stress like nothing else. His joy is contagious.

Dan needed work with his bathroom manners when he first arrived but is now doing great! He is not crate trained, so he is used to having free run of the home. He is also a quiet guy, so apartments or condo would be fine.

His ideal person will walk him; it does not need to be moonlit walks on the beach, any sidewalk will do. Spend one on one time with him; he doesn’t know a lot of English but loves the sound of it. Enjoy endless play time; doggy toys only, board games frustrate him.

During his time in our care, his foster family have noticed that he responds to the name Buddy, not Dan. So he would be really thankful to ditch the name Dan once adopted and become someone’s forever Buddy.

Dan was lovingly fostered by Carey!