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Dakota has been adopted!

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Dakota has been nothing but a great little house guest!

When she first arrived, she was a bit timid and shy, but after about two days she was comfortable enough to approach us and ask for some ear scratches. She’s definitely going to be a little cuddle bug once she finds her forever home and settles in!

Now that she has come out of her shell, she’s really showing her fun and spirited personality. She has the cutest little face, with an adorable underbite that makes her teeth stick out every so often. It gives her a very cute smile! She also has the most adorable curly tail (very pug-like) and wiggles really hard when she’s happy!

She really enjoys having people around her, so if she’s left alone during the day, she does tend to cry. I would recommend a detached home as she continues to work through some of her anxiety being left alone.

She doesn’t seem to be overly food motivated, so it’s been a bit challenging to teach her basic commands (sit, paw, etc.), but she’s working on it! She’s also mostly house trained. She’s had a couple accidents in the house but has been consistently going to the bathroom outside first thing in the morning, at lunch and right before bed. Making sure she is on a schedule will help.

She has been good with her current foster dog sister in the house – they have been co-existing quite nicely! Her previous foster said she was good with children as well (they had a toddler living in the house at the time), and she also went to doggy day care a couple times and had no issue with the other dogs. She hasn’t been tested with cats, but I can’t see there being an issue.

She’s been really good on a leash and has enjoyed going out twice a day. Sometimes she might pull a little when she gets excited, but it’s very easy to control and listens quite well.

She’s been sleeping in her crate overnight. She chirps a little bit when she first goes in, but we found that as long as she is in the same room as you, she calms down quite quickly and sleeps through the night without a peep!

She still has some of that puppy energy, but I would say her energy level is moderate. I think she would be great with kids, other dogs or a couple who just want a cute little companion to join their family!

Dakota was lovingly fostered by Alana