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Daisymae has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sarah B., in honour of her own beautiful Daisy Marie



Daisymae is ready to find her forever home!

Daisymae is an Irish name that means “strong” and true to her name Daisymae is just that.  This little munchkin had a very difficult start, not only was she the smallest in the litter, but she needed to be hospitalized because of dehydration due to an overabundant amount of worms in her tiny body.  But she is now STRONG and ready to leave her foster family, though her foster family is not necessarily ready to leave her!

Daisymae is a little female husky, lab, retriever mix weighing in at about 4kg she is 8 weeks old, she most likely will be on the smaller size of the typical Northern breed, guessing full grown at around 45lbs.  She is happy and playful and her favourite pastime is eating!  She loves to eat, in all likelihood because she was unable to eat for a few days during her illness she is determined to make up lost time.  She is a very smart peanut with a huge personality!  She loves to play with her sister and foster brother.  She does potty when she goes outside, may have the odd mistake but always on a pee pad.  She loves her crate at night, still may wake up a few times but this may change when her sister leaves this week.  She is learning to walk on a leash and is getting pretty good at it. Daisymae loves to cuddle and be babied.  She is definitely looking for a home that will continue to love her and cuddle her and take her for the walks she loves to go on.

Daisymae has a small under bite and her baby teeth will need to be monitored to make sure they fall out like they should; these little teeth are also very sharp so a family with younger children may not be a good fit for her.


Daisymae was lovingly fostered by Susan