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Save Me Rescue remembers Daisy.

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our forever foster, DAISY, was peacefully put to sleep this morning. Daisy had been with Save Me for well over 3 years and during this time she was loved and cared for as she so deserved. We are all grateful to her original foster mom Ev Hopping and her foster mom Anna Labno who both opened their hearts to Daisy. Thanks as well to the Dr. Hahn and the staff at Hurontario Veterinary for the excellent care Daisy received. All of us at Save Me are grateful that Daisy left this world with love and extend our condolences to her foster Mom who was always so attentive and loving to this special girl. Run free at the bridge Daisy!


History of Daisy:

As many of you know we have number of “forever fosters” within our rescue. One of our forever girls Daisy, while unfortunately in palliative care and unable to be adopted, is lucky enough to have found an extended family here at Save Me Rescue who all love her very much!

Sweet Daisy had a very difficult start to life as far as we know. She came to our attention when she was found as a stray and taken to a shelter where she was very scared.  Though she had a microchip, sadly her owners were nowhere to be found. While the shelter was not able to locate them, what we do know is that her previous owners were seniors, and that poor Daisy was likely to have been searching for them all alone on the streets when she was found.

When Daisy first arrived to Save Me, we were happy to say that she was on her way to a brand new life. She had been adopted very quickly after joining our program, however due to being passed around from home, to shelter, to foster care and finally a new adoptive home, Daisy became confused and bit her adopter.

After being returned to us, it became very clear that we did not want to put Daisy dearest through any more stress at her age. We decided to that we wanted Daisy to be comfortable and to spend her last years in a place where we know for certain that she will not be abandoned again. This is why she is no longer available for adoption.

Since becoming a permanent member of the Save Me Rescue family at 11 years old, we are thrilled to say that Daisy has not bitten anyone! Though she is great with other dogs and cats, Daisy can still however become quite protective of her food after being a stray for an unknown period of time, it is likely due to her new found survival mode. For this reason, Daisy also does not like to share her bed.

These however are the only two situations wherein Daisy seems to show any aggression. But hey! Who really wants to be woken up and taken out of bed? We continue to work with Daisy on and around her issues, and she seems as happy as can be.

Though Daisy is also very fearful of a leash as we suspect she may have experienced something terrible, the reality is that she is a senior living in a very large house with a great fenced yard where she can walk and run around all she needs. At this time, we do not feel it is worth putting her through another traumatizing experience and her leash manners are at a standstill.

That being said, in other aspects of her life, Daisy is thriving. She is now rather affectionate and walks up to her foster mom, puts her paws on her leg and is very eager to be picked up. Once on a lap, she will still forever.

Daisy is now 13 years old and has been with us for 2 years. She is healthy for her age and we continue to care for her in a loving foster home. She has since had a much needed dental as her teeth were very bad and she was strong enough to come out of surgery! Daisy is still somewhat of a grumpy old lady around her bed but she is very loved.

Daisy is enjoying life as much as possible. She loves the backyard and rolling on the grass and will stay there for a long as we let her. As of 2015, she has been diagnosed with severe arthritis and inflammation in her stomach but is gladly accepting of all the medicine she needs to take to overcome this issue. Daisy gladly goes to the vet regularly to control it all.

Save Me Rescue has continued to spend whatever it takes to take care of our Daisy and we want to thank all of you have wrote to us and donated to help with her treatments.

Sadly, as love itself cannot keep the heart going, there is only much the medicine can do as Daisy is already 13 years old. At this time, [September 2015] Daisy is running on a little less energy and is slowly decreasing in health. We are hopeful however, and continue to watch over her for the time being.

We will keep a close eye to identify when she is in too much pain or no longer wants to eat. So far she is doing well and we are just happy to have her and give her all the love we can give her. She certainly deserves it!

If you would like to sponsor Daisy and contribute to her vetting as she gets older it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us for more details.

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