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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae has been adopted!

Sponsored by Susie and Leandro, loving beagle parents to Maarten



Little Miss Daisy Mae is ready to end her journey of uncertainty where she’ll be next. She wants a forever home, and she’s ready!

Daisy Mae made it safe from Tennessee to Canada thanks to all the amazing volunteers. From vetting, the transport team, and foster homes along the way, she is so grateful. Without a dedicated crew she wouldn’t have the opportunity for a brand new beautiful life.

Little Miss Daisy Mae was shy and nervous at first in her foster home. With time, she gained confidence and trust. Daisy Mae was underweight, most likely due to stress. She is gradually getting a little more meat on her bones and is at a healthy weight. Daisy is food motivated like all beagles are. So anything left in easy reach is a goner, she’ll gobble it right up. She is not a fan of being crated. Daisy Mae has run of the house here. If her new family wants to crate train her, it has to start immediately from day one. The understanding that it’s not being locked in, but her safe and cozy spot to relax.

Daisy Mae is living with another beagle bud. At first she was quite jealous, and woud try to overtake attention. She has come along way since. Daisy is learning to share. In this family we’re all equals and there’s tons of love and snuggles to embrace. Daisy Mae has recently interacted with playtime and has been initiating it with her fur buddy. And they’re even cuddling at times. Big step! She still needs some discipline to remind her that she is not the queen bee, and does not rule the world.

LMDM is active, smart, and crafty. This little one can jump, climb and wiggle in and out. A fenced in yard is mandatory. She loves her walks and is pretty good on leash. Little Miss is inquisitive of everything, She needs supervision always.

Daisy Mae is struggling a tad with house training. She needs to do her business immediately before anything. Frequent trips outside and then we get a treat. Overall she’s been a gem as far as not being destructive in any way. Little Miss Daisy Mae is quite vocal at times. Mostly out of excitement .Again, a beagle trait. An apartment is not ideal for her, but that would depend on the family dynamic.

Maisy Dae is the most lovable pup. She even loves her nicknames and comes when called to all of them! This girl is so beautiful inside and out.

Daisy Mae sparks with a promise to making a lovely addition to a deserving family.

Daisy Mae was lovingly fostered by Nicole S.