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Daisy has been adopted!

Thank you to Save Me Rescue, for all that you do to protect these precious fur kids.
Love, Britta, (a rescue from, 2017, from Kentucky, re Save me Rescue)



Daisy is a 9 pound, 9 year old chihuahua x Chinese crested female who is from Kentucky. She is mostly hairless with ginger coloured hair on her head and half of her tail. Her skin needs to be protected from the sun if outside for prolonged periods. A light t shirt is an option.

Daisy was owner surrendered due to abuse in the home. This has caused Daisy to be nervous around men. We are working slowly with her to try and overcome this fear.

Daisy requires time to adjust and trust new people introduced to her. She will look at her human for reassurance and at times will growl or bark. Daisy will only stay in the same room as strangers if her human is present. We continue to work on her confidence.

Although Daisy is curious and at times playful, she is not a cuddler unless on her terms. If there is a blanket within her reach, you will often find her snuggled underneath. She loves her dog bed with a soft blanket or a corner of the couch underneath a blanket.

Daisy is house trained as well as pad trained. She hasn’t had a single accident. She does not like being in her crate when her human has to leave the house. She whines and barks but does settle with a radio left on.

Daisy is learning to walk on a leash. She is learning to stand still to have her harness applied. She gets very excited about “outside” and and runs and jumps around. She is non reactive to most dogs and humans however there has been some circumstances where she will pull and bark at certain dogs. Not cat tested yet. If I stop walking and block her view, she settles quickly. Walks are leisurely as there is lots of stopping to sniff and explore.

In general, Daisy is a very quiet dog. She only barks if someone comes to the door and settles quickly with reassurance.

Daisy eats well. I have been free feeding her and she only goes to the bowl a couple of times a day. She loves treats though. She is a human food beggar but we are working on stopping this. She doesn’t whine or bark, just stares at the food!

At night, Daisy sleeps in her dog bed under her blanket beside her humans bed. She will join me in bed for tummy rubs if it is her idea and wants back down after she is satisfied.

Daisy is spayed and neutered. Vaccines are current. She has had her dental. Daisy already had several teeth missing and needed to have six incisors removed. She is still able to eat hard food.

When walking Daisy, it has been noted she has a “skip” every four or so steps with her right rear leg. Her legs were checked by the vet and there is no actionable issues noted. The skip doesn’t affect her walking at all.

Daisy was found to have a low grade heart murmur which is not a cause for concern at this time. This is something that should be monitored at vet visits and it is possible that she may need medication at some time in the future. These murmurs are very common and keeping Daisy at a healthy weight and watching her sodium intake will be helpful to her health.

For a forever home, no young children would be best. A female would be Daisy’s choice for her human. She likes a quiet home. Someone who is retired or semi retired would be perfect. Familiarity of hairless dogs or a willingness to learn about them is a must. A fenced yard is ideal but not required. Daisy’s needs are simple. Patience, love, continuing to work on her confidence and being with her human is all she needs.

Daisy was lovingly fostered by Karen