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Daisy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Marlene, in memory of Chelsea, Muffin and Spatts.



Hi, my name is Daisy,

I am from Tennessee and I am 10 years old. My foster mom says I am a really good girl. I don’t bark very much except when foster mom ran into the bank for a few minutes but that only lasted for about 2 minutes and then I realized that she would come back to the car to drive away so I just watched for her.

I am really happy to go out for walks and even with my little legs, I can walk pretty far but I am also fine with just doing my business in the backyard. I have been with foster mommy for over a week and have not had any accidents. Yahoo! I think I should get more treats for that!

While I like cats that ignore me, Yoshi, foster mommy’s cat is only 2 years old and wants to play and swat at me. I growl at him and tell him to get lost.

So far, we have met a few dogs of different sizes on our walks and I was nice to them all, even the big ones.

I don’t really like to play. I am more of a cuddle bunny and will happily doze beside you on the couch if you will let me. Foster mommy has soft rugs for me on the floor and I am okay with that too. I am not the type to run out the door so don’t worry about me being an escape artist.

I love my food although road trips are probably not a good idea as I threw up on the way to the cottage and again on the way home..

I have been sleeping on a bed near foster mommy’s bed although I would be happy to sleep on the bed. I sleep for 10-11 hours at least before I have to go out in the morning. Ok, there is one small problem, I snore a little but really, it is not super loud!!

Best family for me- a couple or single person who is laid back, doesn’t have young kids and just wants a loving companion. That is me! Daisy!!

P.S. I know and love my name so please don’t change it…..

Daisy was lovingly fostered by Debra