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Daisy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ruby and her family in honour of Mme Emard the best kindergarten teacher in the world!




This girl just wants to love and be loved. Coming from Ohio, Daisy (Lab/Hound Mix) arrived here in Ontario on June 22, and she is loving and adjusting to her new life very well.

When she first arrived she stuck by her fosters side, never left the carpet and slept in the corner of the room. Day by day she explores more, and with the help of her foster sister, she is gaining her confidence! She will now trot around the hardwood floors and sleeps wherever she pleases, is learning how to play with other dogs and enjoys walks day by day.

Such a big step for her! She is still very shy and timid around new things, but you can tell that she’s curious and warms up quickly

She is house trained, not crate trained, but she will just lay down and sleep when put in one. She knows her name and will come when she’s called but when she came to her foster home, she had no obedience training. Now she is learning to sit and wait patiently for her food!

Daisy belongs in a home either with no other dogs, or with other dogs, that will continue to build her confidence. She will thrive and blossom in both scenarios. She will not do well with apartments, because small hallways make her skittish and claustrophobic. She would love a home with a backyard where she can lay out in the sun, and roll around in the grass.

Daisy is as gentle as her name. She loves attention, and great with children. She will gladly take pets all day if it was up to her.



Daisy was lovingly fostered by Victoria