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Dahlia has been adopted!


“Dahlia is the symbol of commitment and bond that lasts forever”
Please meet Dahlia who came into rescue a few days ago. Dahlia was rescued along with 20 other dogs from a Northern Community. Dahlia was believed to be pregnant when transported in, however the vet has confirmed that she is not. He believes she is only around 10 months to 1 year old! Dahlia will be spayed next week to ensure this sweet girl will never have to go through a pregnancy!
Dahlia is 11kg (24pounds), she is fully grown. She is most likely a mix of husky, American Eskimo and perhaps some Collie. She is a very sweet and gentle girl who just wants to be loved and cuddled. Dahlia is extremely bright, brought in as a stray only 3 days ago, she already understand that potty is outside, that the crate is for nights and walking on a leash is wonderful (she is amazing on a leash), she is very gentle with taking food from her humans and is very grateful to be inside a house where she is warm and safe.
She needs proper introduction if she is adopted to a home with another dog as she can be a little scared the first while, but quickly understands proper guest etiquette and that she is safe. Dahlia is a pleaser and loves nothing more than to be praised for anything good that she does. Unlike most Northern dogs, she is not a bolter, does not run out the door when opened. She is a proper lady who doesn’t like being dirty or getting her paws wet outside, loves just looking out the window and basking in the sun and being close to her foster family.
Dahlia will be available for adoption once she recovers from her surgery. Applications are being accepted now.
If you are looking for a girl that will love you forever, apply for Dahlia!

Dahlia was lovingly fostered by Susan