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Cuzco has been adopted!

Sponsored by Minnie. Minnie would like to give other puppers the chance to find their furever families



Welcome little Cuzco! He is one of the friendliest, most social dogs we have ever met! He’s had a long journey from a Tennessee shelter but despite it all, he is a super happy little guy! He is bouncy and goofy and just wants to have fun, but is always down to chill out and cuddle. He loves everyone, and would easily integrate into a family with other dogs and children, and probably would do best having another dog and people around as he’s quite the bubbly extrovert. Would be a great dog to bring to your office, emotional support dog, volunteer dog at nursing homes or even a little bit of agility training courses. Not very high maintenance, and is for the most part house trained but will still mark his territory throughout the house at first. He does need a backyard, and wants to go to the bathroom every 2 -3 hours. Enjoys going for walks and snuggling into a blanket at the foot of the bed at night. He is 12 lbs, 12 years old in generally good health, he is on a low sodium low protein diet and eating kidney kibble (KD) from the vet right now as his kidney values show early stage renal disease. It appears like he has white hair in the photos but he is actually white ombre red. With white starting at his head, and redish hair towards his tail.