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Curly is a very happy, social, and outgoing dog. He was quickly nicknamed “beans” by his foster parents, because he is completely full of them! Curly can be very energetic and playful; he runs laps around the backyard, and loves playing with toys and other dogs. When he’s not playing, he is snuggled up to his foster parents, or his foster fur-sibling. He is really the best of both worlds- active and full of life, but he also takes cuddling and naps very seriously!

Curly loves other dogs. He would do great with a fur-sibling, especially one with a similar energy level and one who likes to play and cuddle. Curly loves to explore the backyard, so a secure fence would be best, or a family who is committed to walking him a few times each day.  He is working on his leash manners, but he just finds it so hard to contain his excitement when he sees a person, dog, or squirrel he wants to meet!

At two years old, Curly is still very much a puppy in some of his behaviours. Curly can be a little “mouthy”, nibbling on fingers and ears and jumping up when he is very excited. His foster parents are working on this, but families with young children should take this into consideration. There has been some improvement with this behaviour, as Curly learns that a ‘sit’ gets him the attention he is looking for, or even a cookie, but he still needs reminders. Curly would really benefit from some basic obedience training with his new family.

After a couple potty accidents in the first few days, Curly has learned the routine and his foster mom feels confident saying he is fully housetrained! Curly is being crated at night and while his foster parents are at work. He does whine and bark at first for a couple of minutes when he is crated for the day, but settles quickly, especially once the rest of the house is quiet and he doesn’t feel like he is missing out on anything exciting. Because of this, an apartment or condo is not recommended for Curly. He does sleep perfectly through the night, for 8 hours without a single peep, and is ready to give you all of his love, come morning time!


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