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Crystal has been adopted!


Sponsored by Scrubbles (Pet Wash & Spaw).  In honour of Berta, a big bundle of Chocolate, who opened our world and hearts to rescue.


Sweet as pie! This lovable girl is looking for a place to call home.

This beautiful lady enjoys her evening stroll through the neighbourhood and has plenty of tail wags to go around for everyone who stops to pet her. Crystal is good with other dogs and also gets along well with the foster  home cat. She is house broken and has good house manners.

She doesn’t show a ton of interest in toys, but enjoys watching over the other dogs play with them. The Meramma breed is a working breed, typically used to guard livestock, so this makes sense. They’re also known as loyal dogs who are good companions but not dependent on their owners. They enjoy being given tasks & jobs.

Crystal does show some stiffness in her hind end, which is not uncommon in large breeds, so it is being looked into by our veterinarian to determine the cause. We are also trying to get some weight on her as she is on the thin side for her size.