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Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack is adopted!


Cracker Jack’s pull fee has been sponsored by Redemption Dogs, Toronto


Cracker Jack is a young, sweet girl who is calm and well behaved in the house. She is crate trained and house trained. She would love to be in a home with a backyard because rolling around in the grass is her FAVOURITE thing to do.

She does fine in her current foster home with her furry foster brothers and sister and her forever home would be ok if it had another dog as long as they had calm energy. Although she loves her “person” she can be shy and scared to meet new humans; therefore, the right home for her will be one that works with her on this and provides her with lots of socialization so she understands that meeting new people isn’t really that scary. She is looking for her forever home to help her build confidence because when she feels comfortable with you she is such a sweet and affectionate TINY girl.


While CJ did have cancer, the histopathology report came back with the most encouraging news that this has been classified as a Grade 1 malignancy and that the tumour was completely removed. Due to this, the chance of CJ’s surgery being curative is 90% and we have every reason to believe that she is going to live a long and happy life!