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Cosmo is adopted

Sponsored by Cory W., in honour of his wonderful father Bert. Merry Christmas Bert!


Hey Cosmo wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Cosmo is a 7 week old male husky/shepherd mix who weight app 3.4 kg.  Cosmo probably won’t be a huge dog when full grown most likely around 40-50lbs.  Cosmo is not potty trained but knows to go potty on the training pads and outside.  Cosmo is the chilliest of the litter, typical boy, likes to play, poop and sleep.  His energy level is medium, he is super friendly, a bit lazy, cuddly and will be a couch potato.  He likes to go on walks but does not like to get cold.  He is the smallest of the litter, mostly because his sister bosses him around.  A real gentleman he is, he lets his sisters eat most of the food.  If there is one word that describes Cosmo, the word is CHILL

Cosmo is not leashed trained yet but will follow the pack with a bit of coaxing (he has a habit of trying to run back to the house to chill out)  Cosmo likes nothing more than to cuddle in a soft blanket on the couch, he would sleep all day and night if you let him.  Cosmo sleeps through the night without a poop or peep until his sister Luna starts making a fuss when she hears foster mom in the morning.

Because he is still a baby, his little teeth are sharp and he is still learning not to pull on socks or chew on fingers, a home with older children would be recommended.

Cosmos was lovingly fostered by Susan