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Save Me remembers Cosette


Cosette’s pull fee has been sponsored in memory of Kyle Brandon Traves



Everyone at Save Me has a heavy hearts as we received very sad news about Cosette.  Surgery that she had performed has shown that she has a very aggressive form of cancer.

After consulting with the pathologist and an oncologist we have had a number of discussions with our wonderful vet at Simcoe Veterinary Hospital as we have grappled with what is best for our sweet girl.  Given the discouraging prognosis the doctors feel Cosette has, we have decided to not put her through any more invasive or painful procedures and let her live out whatever time she has left in comfort and love.

We are hopeful that she will exceed the life expectancy that is most common in these cases but whatever time she has left we know she will be showered with love by her devoted foster mom Dorothea.

Cosette will remain in our palliative care program until her time to cross the bridge arrives.