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Sponsored in memory of Kelly who came into my our lives 8 years ago and brought us so much joy. We love and miss you Kelly.



Hello, my name is Cork. I have been in my foster home for a few months now and let me tell you, it’s great! My start to life wasn’t the greatest but I am quickly learning that it is possible to have a wonderful life filled with A LOT of love. I just love to snuggle my foster parents all the time. I sometimes even pretend I’m a puppy still and lie down on top of them or just sit on their lap. I just love to be close to my foster mom and follow her around the house everywhere. Even when we go on walks or off-leash parks I never stray far – I want to make sure I keep her in my sight. That is why my foster mom was so proud of me that the first command I have learned is come here! The outdoors is a wonderful place, but I am still quite weary of strangers and other dogs that come across our path. I’m never mean, I just shy away and pretend they’re not there. I did have a dog friend come to my house though and that was a ton of fun running around and playing in the backyard – it just took me a bit to get used to the dog. I come from a house that had many other dogs and cats, so I do know how to be around them, I just have to get used to them. I love playing and running around the house with the cats that I’m currently living with (even though they don’t like me sometimes). I tend to play a little rough and forget my size and that my teeth are sharp so my foster mom thinks a home with no younger children would be best, she wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally get hurt.

It took me a little bit, but I have finally mastered my foster moms work routine and I no longer have any accidents in the house the entire time she is gone! Just please be patient with me while I learn your routine. And please be patient with me when I first get there, my future forever home, as the first year of my life wasn’t my happiest one. I tend to be very shy when I first meet someone, and my true personality won’t shine until I am comfortable (and I am more comfortable with women than men). But I promise you that when we reach that point, I will be the most loyal, loving, and snuggly dog you have met!

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** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only