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Cooper has been adopted!

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Hello there, it is our honour to present to you, Cooper. Cooper came to Kitchener from Kentucky where he was surrendered to a shelter when his elderly companion could no longer look after him. He was very timid, confused and anxious, but still remained obedient, gentle and kind. Cooper is a beautiful old soul at 10 years old, but please don’t tell him he is aging; he still has plenty of energy about him.

As time has gone by and he has let some of his anxieties go, Cooper’s playful, silly and cuddly personality has really come through. Cooper’s silly side is so much fun! From his “talking” and old man grumbling, to his gentle persuasions for constant scratches and belly rubs, he definitely knows how to get the lovins that he so desires. He also knows commands such as “sit”, “lay down”, “shake a paw” and “stay”.

Cooper is 100% housetrained and will let you know when he has to do his business by standing at a door and giving a single bark or whimpering. His current routine consists of a walk morning and night and some backyard time in the afternoon. He would be fine either crated or left free in the home while his owners are at work, as long as he gets his exercise in the morning before everyone leaves and in the late afternoon/early evening when the owner comes home again. He has also been left free at night and has been given permission to sleep on the bed.

His ideal home would be one where he is the only dog, as that’s what he has been used to for the last 10 years. He’s not territorial towards other dogs, as long as the meet and greet is brief, as he’s not really out to make friends at this point in his life, besides his human ones. He also wouldn’t be mad at a squeaky toy or two 🙂 Cooper is fine with cats, however he may bark at it if he is startled. It’s still some anxiety that he is working on. Gentle reminders that he is okay, that he is safe is what he needs when he seems anxious. Cooper also loves kids and would maintain his gentle disposition with kids of any age.

His foster family and Cooper are working with him on separation anxiety, with his foster parents going for outings for short periods of time and leaving a special treat for him when he stays behind. He is getting much more comfortable with time to himself and when his family returns home, you’ve never seen a dog so excited!

The family that adopts this wonderful dog will surely receive unconditional love, laughs and a true companion for as many years as Cooper has left. He has so much love to give and you will consider yourselves lucky if you are the ones he chooses to love.


Cooper was lovingly fostered by Lee.