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Save Me remembers Cooper


In early May 2018 I came across the most handsome little dog on Save Me Dog Rescue’s website. While looking through his photos, I fell in love with his big dark eyes-they spoke to me so well. They told me that he was an older, wise gentleman who maybe needed a little extra TLC. That day, I knew he was my boy.

Upon meeting Cooper for the first time, I quickly understood why his foster family loved him so much.

He was the most gentle and affectionate little boy. Always, always at my feet or cuddling on my chest. He slept in a bed in the bathroom while I showered, because fifteen minutes was far too long without each other close by. At night he was always so excited, wagging his tail down the hallway to the bedroom, as he couldn’t wait to sleep in his favourite spot – my pillow.

He often needed to be carried and I quickly got him a stroller so we could still experience nature and sunshine together without any pain for him. He came to work with me, and made dozens of friends who treated him like the Prince that he was. He soon realized how doting his new mom was, insisted on being fed a home cooked diet and immediately started to put on some much needed weight. We went on small trips outside of the city, visited the beach, enjoyed a campfire, lazed by a pool, had a photo-shoot, admired the stars, and shared every moment together in love.

Soon, after serious health problems developed, a decision had to be made in the best interest of Cooper. Although the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make – I knew he was ready to go. On June 27, 2018 I brought his favourite pillow and blanket to the vet, we curled up on the couch and ate pizza and ice cream together before he passed peacefully in his favourite position – little spoon, sharing my pillow.

I have never quite experienced the love that Cooper gave me, and I am so thankful for how much he has brightened up my world.

My shooting star, just passing by but shining so bright.

A special thank you goes out to Jason and Marilyne of Save Me Rescue for all of their advice, love and support.


Cooper was sponsored by Linda D., with love from Linda and her fur babies Keanu & Odin!!`