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Cookie has been adopted!

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It is our pleasure to introduce you to sweet “Cookie”, the gorgeous 3 year old female Beagle mix.

Lovingly referred to by her foster family as “Miss Cookie Monster” for her habit of cleaning up any trace of crumbs left over, she gets along wonderfully with men, women and children. Cats interest her but there is no aggression shown towards them. She would give you kisses all day if you let her and she is LOVING going for walks and checking out the sights. Cookie’s foster family has noticed that she does not pay attention to her toys at the moment. It is unknown if she just has more interest in her human companions, or if she doesn’t really know how to play. This will be something that her furever family should continue to explore.

Cookie hasn’t had it easy. When she was received by her current foster family, it was noticed that her right ear did not look the same as her left and felt hard to the touch. There was also quite a bit of build up in the right ear, which warranted a visit to Veterinarian. It was learned that Cookie most likely had an ear infection in her right ear in the past that unfortunately went untreated. The fluid built up in her ear, hardened and left her ear in the form that it is now. It isn’t cause for concern and it doesn’t seem to bother her too much, although it probably feels a bit odd. Cookie also has some chipped teeth which the Vet said may be due to chewing on cage bars. There is not cause for concern for these either, but she will need regular teeth cleaning to ensure no further damage.

Miss Cookie would do best in a home with a fenced yard to give her that space to run and explore and where at least one member of her family isn’t gone for more than 8 hours a day. She is loving, very affectionate and ready to be part of someone’s heart and home for the rest of her years.


Cookie was lovingly fostered by Lee