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Cookie has been adopted!

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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Cookie! This little bundle of joy became a Canadian October 16 and so far loves everything and everybody in Canada! Weighing in at just under 19 pounds, Cookie has charmed her way into everyone’s heart that she meets. Upon first meeting Cookie is very timid and downright shy. She clings very close to the people she knows and gradually warms up with a few sniffs and then allows a few pats on her head. She is always willing to put her shyness aside for a few treats handed to her. Cookie loves playing with all kinds of stuffed toys, loves going for walks especially in the woods but her most favourite thing to do is fetch tennis balls. She is a pro at always bringing the ball back to whomever threw it and waits with her wagging tail for it to be thrown again. Cookie has made herself at home, co-habitating perfectly with two same sized dogs and two cats. She has a wonderful appetite and is not fussy what she is being served. She has adored sleeping in our bed at night, settling very quickly after her zoomies and joy are out of her system. She sleeps through the night, rises whenever we do and is ready to begin another day. Cookie is not house trained at the time of writing this….but has made tremendous progress in the short time we have been working on this. Frequent trips, yummy treats, and a congratulation belly rub are proving to be what she is responding to. Cookie does not have a mean bone in her body, snuggling in for kisses and hugs at every opportunity. Although Cookie does get along with her foster siblings, an ideal home would be a home where she does not have to compete for attention. She does not like to be left alone for too long so someone who is mostly at home would be great.

Cookie was lovingly fostered by Brenda