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Collins has been adopted!

Sponsored by Scott and David in honour of Stains’ birthday, and also in loving memory.


The first thing you notice about little Collins is his big, beautiful brown eyes. He is a dog who loves his cuddles and cannot get enough belly-rubs. He responds well to “come” “sit” and his name. He is great on a leash, and adores his twice a day walks. When he’s not walking, he likes to be outside in the fenced yard running around. But once he’s done, he’s a great sleeper and is content to sit next to his person.

He gets along with the resident cat and neighborhood dog.

He is working on house-training – he is learning that the place to poop is outside, but has not mastered that skill 100% yet.

He barks when strangers come to the door but settles quite quickly. He likes playing with children who are familiar to him but benefits from slow introductions to new people. A home without small children is best for him.

He would do fine in a home with or without other pets but a fenced yard to run around in would be ideal.



Collins was loving fostered by Rose.