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Cody has been adopted!

Sponsored by Andrea S. and her dog Penny, with love to her sister’s family (The Bagshaws).



Hey there, I see you! Well I might not literally see you; but I SEE you with my heart and soul. Thing is, my eyes can’t really see you, but who needs sight when you have my heart and soul? Sight is way over rated.

I am a single guy looking for LOVE and a home of my own. I like walks on the beach and exploring a simple hiking trail, but the neighborhood at your house will do just fine. I like all sorts of people and I like dog friends too. I am easy going and always happy to cuddle and spend time with my humans.

I am flourishing in my foster home. I have gotten very comfortable with my surroundings and have become very independent. I LOVE my fenced in backyard that keeps me safe and allows me to roam freely. My foster mom says that a fenced in yard is mandatory for me in my forever home. Being a beagle, I’m naturally inquisitive and my sniffer can get the better of me. I would not want to wander off and get lost or hurt. It doesn’t have to be a large yard, just secure for me to be safe!

I am not a huge lover of the crate that is set up for me. I much prefer a doggie bed in a secure room when my people are not home. I’m not a vocal guy, but do get a little excited when I discover that another dog is near by and will whine a bit all while my tail wags at a fast pace. But hey, I am social and I love to meet and greet people and other friendly dogs. I’m sure I would get along fine with the company of a fur brother or sister. I don’t wish to be in a home with children. It’s not that I don’t like them, kids are great for a short visit! It’s just they always have things on the go, and toys and activities happening. Too much excitement can make me nervous and confused.

I truly have an enormous heart and so much love to give. {pretty cute too, if I may say so myself!}
I know you’re out there, my forever family. I SEE you!

Cody was lovingly fostered by Nicole