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Coco has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Pika


Meet Coco! Happy, attentive and gentle little Coco will steal your heart.

Coco came to Save Me with a badly matted coat and in need of vetting and TLC. We know very little of Coco’s past, but she behaves like a dog that has been well loved, and has proved to be an exceptional companion while in foster care. Our vet believes she is about 8 years old, yet she moves and acts like a young dog – she loves to stretch her legs, play fetch and is always game for a walk.

Coco can be nervous around loud sounds and fast movements, but recovers quickly. She needs a gentle voice as she becomes worried that she may have done something wrong. She has exceptional house manners, is fully house trained but is averse to being crated.

Coco can be vocal, barking at indoor and outdoor sounds…definitely at the door bell. She is friendly with individuals at the door or visitors coming into the home, will sit to welcome them (treats always ready). She can need time and space to accept all members in the house but adapts quickly and accepts visitors easily when given space. In her current foster home she is the only dog, Coco requires monitoring when inviting other dogs into her home, she can become protective of her toys and food. In her previous foster home, she managed well entering and interacting in a multi-dog home.

Coco is building her experience on leash and will need continued patient guidance. She follows her nose when outside, tracking, sniffing and watching for those darn squirrels. She does pull on leash and can set the walker off balance.

Coco is friendly with most dogs she meets on a walk but she is vocal, and charges into the meeting, sometimes her enthusiasm is not taken well. Coco can be selective about which dogs she prefers to be around. She needs continued socialization and opportunities for positive interactions. Coco has lived with a dog savvy cat but will give chase if the cat runs.

Coco has been in foster care for a few months to ensure she received the veterinary care she needed.

When Coco joined Save Me she was in heat, had mammary lumps and needed dental cleaning. Coco has had two surgeries while in foster care; her first surgery was a lipoma and mammary tumour removal with a spay. Pathology completed on the tumours showed one had a very low malignancy. Our vet believes the surgery successfully removed all affected tissue, and monitoring has shown no regrowth – a very positive outcome. Coco will need future monitoring of the area but no further action is needed at this time. Coco’s second surgery was a dental cleaning with 3 extractions and she is now fully healed. All of her vaccinations and preventatives are up to date.

Coco’s ideal home would be:
• A family where children are older than 8 years
• A family that is retired, works from home or alternate hours to reduce the time alone
• Where she is the only dog or with a low energy, non-reactive resident dog
• Without cats
• Where her barking would not disturb neighbours or put the living arrangement at risk (ideally no shared living or apartments)

Coco was lovingly fostered by Lisa