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Coco is in rehab – Not accepting applications

Sponsored in memory of Pika


Meet Coco! Happy, attentive and gentle little Coco will steal your heart.

Coco came to Save Me with a badly matted coat and in need of vetting and TLC. We know very little of Coco’s past, but she behaves like a dog that has been well loved, and will now have a bright future. We do know that Coco lived with another little dog and managed well in a multi-dog home. Our vet believes she is about 8 years old, but she moves and acts like a young dog – she loves to stretch her legs, play fetch and is always game for a walk.

Coco can be nervous around loud sounds and fast movements, but recovers quickly. She needs a gentle voice as she becomes worried that she may have done something wrong. Speaking to her in a positive voice and using her name, she immediately comes and sits at your feet, ready to see what she can do. Coco quickly learned to sit at the door and wait when going out for a walk. She doesn’t rush the door, rather waits to be told she can go out once the door is open – she is a very fast learner. Lots of positive reinforcement and treats of course, keep this girl bouncing and happy.

Coco has great house manners; she only plays with her toys and doesn’t chew anything else in the house. She is fully house trained but has not indicated a need to go outside to do her business beyond routine breaks outside. Coco matches the energy level around her, she is ready for a nap on the couch with you, a walk around the block or a game of fetch. She loves to be outside.

Although Coco is accepting to others in the house, she bonds quickly to her person (usually the person that feeds and spends time with her). Coco shadows her foster Mom around the house and whines when left alone.

Coco is so well mannered in the house, she aversion to being crated has not been an issue. When crated she cries until released. Coco sleeps in her own bed on the floor in her foster family’s bedroom, but often makes her way up onto the bed throughout the night. She’s a great cuddler.

She’s a good traveller, loves a car ride, and has adapted to travelling in a crate in the car. Coco watches the road and eventually curls up for a nap. She tends to be very excited when first arriving at a new destination, but calms with a little exercise and time.

Coco doesn’t have much experience on leash and will need patient, gentle guidance. She wants to please, is attentive and food motivated, so time and practice is needed. Coco follows her nose when outside, tracking, sniffing and watching for those darn squirrels. She does pull on leash but is making good progress. Coco is friendly with most dogs she meets on a walk. She does need work on her approach as she is head strong and charges straight into a meeting. Sometimes her enthusiasm is not taken well. She is friendly and typically sits when meeting new people. Encounters with cats outside have not been positive, so a cat free home might be best.

Coco is now up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. She will be spayed, given dental cleaning and lump removal over the next few months. Once fully recovered, Coco will be ready for adoption.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only