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Coco has been adopted!

Coco has been sponsored by Erin and her fur kids


We are still trying to get Coco’s diabetes under control. Her levels are getting much better now and she still takes her glucose level testing and insulin shots like a dream. Coco has lost her eyesight due to her diabetes. Like the true champ she is, it does not stop her from living life to the fullest. She has learned to navigate our house and yard. She still enjoys going for walks every day, except she goes a bit slower now so she does not run into anything. Those big sad eyes still stare up us waiting for a nice scratch under the chin or a pat on the head to let her know we love her. We have even learned to play fetch with her again. Using the sound of the tennis ball and her nose, she can usually find the ball and bring it back to us. This new skill makes her very happy! She would be better off now in a home where there were few in any stairs as well as a house that is tidy and does not have a lot of things around that she can walk into while she learns to get along without her sight.

Coco is very well-behaved. She listens well, knows basic commands and loves to give hugs (by bringing her front paws up to give snuggles). Coco goes to the bathroom outside and is house-broken. She will let you know when she needs to go outside by getting your attention and then barking when you ask her if she has to go out. She is so smart.

She is a medium-level active dog. She loves to be outside with her people – she does not like to go out alone. Coco likes to go for walks.. She does pull a bit on the leash but we use a harness which seems to prevent her from pulling too hard. She loves exploring and currently has 2 walks per day. Once finished her walk, she is very happy to settle down and cuddle in the house.

The only times we’ve heard her bark is when she is outside alone. Once in awhile she will bark if she hears the front door open but usually she goes to see who it is instead of barking. She is always happy to have her foster family come home or visitors who will pay attention to her.

Coco still gets anxious in the car but she is getting better. We use a short leash attached to the seatbelt so she can’t move around and so she just chooses to lay down. She likes when the window is down so she can smell the fresh air coming in the window. I think with more practice, she will learn to enjoy the car rides.

Coco is currently getting 15 units of insulin twice a day, 12hrs apart as well as eye drops twice per day. These are things she will require for the rest of her life so should be factored in when you consider adopting this precious girl. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to give her insulin. Her blood is tested on the inside of her lip. That will not always have to be done. Once we get her regulated, she won’t need this as often. The insulin goes in between her shoulder blades. Coco sits perfectly and waits patiently for her needles, She gets a piece of cheese slice for behaving so well when we do this.

Coco’s ideal home is a house with a securely fenced yard and nice neighborhood to go for walks. Even though you don’t hear it often, her bark is very loud so I do not feel she would be a good candidate for apartments and townhouses. She likes children but due to her medical needs, the children should be at least 8 years old so they can understand that her diabetes is something that needs to be monitored. She cannot have treats or people food. Sometimes she just likes to lay around for the day if she isn’t feeling her usual peppy self. On those days, we just let her be sleepy and we hang around the house so she has company. She is a very respectful dog and requires a family who would be equally respectful of her.

Coco lives with three other dogs and a cat. She is great with them. Gets along very well. No issues at all. She actually is using our dogs as guides. She follows them around so she knows where the walls and stairs and obstacles are. I feel like because of the loss of sight now though that you need to be a bit more careful when introducing new dogs to her. She seems to get anxious and her guard goes up. Once she feels safe and that the other animal is not a threat, she calms down again. Coco has met many dogs and as long as she is introduced properly, there is no issue at all. Coco requires a fair amount of time and attention. She thrives on routine and would prefer to be with people as much as possible. It is not her fault that this is progressing. She was neglected for too long. An owner who is committed to giving her insulin and looking after her health now will have a dog like no other. She is happy, loyal, loving, well behaved and pure joy to have around.


Coco was lovingly fostered by Angela